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Atlas Publishing House
Atlas publishing house is one of Atlas Group for trading projects, Joint Stock Company.
It is a publishing house specialized in publishing dictionaries in different languages. The house deals with a group of professors of English, Arabic, French and German Languages in Egyptian universities
The house is the owner of all forms of the copyrights of Atlas dictionaries series
The dictionaries that were published until now are:
  • Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary E-A.
  • Atlas Dictionary E-A.
  • Atlas Students' Dictionary.
  • Atlas Dictionary for English Idioms.
  • Atlas Explanatory Medical E-A & A-E.
  • Atlas Terminology for Medical Students E-A
Innovations for Import and commercial Agencies Ltd.
This company is specialized in Electronic dictionaries since 1992 as it produced during 15 years many models of Electronic dictionaries and it has a department of developing and Electronic Programming.
The company deals with many factories in Japan, Korea, China and many Countries in the Fareast to manufacture electronic dictionaries and importing them to Egypt, exporting them across the world.
Innovations-co is the liable company for publishing Atlas Electronic Dictionaries on behalf of Atlas publishing house.
+202 330 279 65 - 334 658 50
+202 33028328
Atlas Publishing
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