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This device is characterized by a large size screen together with large earphones to produce a very clear and pure sound. The device is has the characteristic of a voice recorder for five hours continuously or separately. This, in addition to a 55 M.B data bank and supplied with the fastest USB to transfer data to and from the computer. when the device is linked to the computer, it works without batteries. linking the USB with the computer gives you the ability to add new programs allowing the user to have more advantages every now and then. The device also contains an alarm for prayers times for most of the countries with the real Azan of (Mecca - Egypt and Jerusalem).


This device contains (E-A) encyclopedic dictionary which include all the words found in all the printed dictionaries, in addition to an (E-A) dictionary, (F-A) dictionary, (A-F) dictionary together with a (F-E), (E-F), (E-E) dictionaries, user's dictionary, dialogue dictionary, vocabulary dictionary, abbreviations dictionary, idioms dictionary, phrasal verbs dictionary, Roman numbers dictionary, Arabic names dictionary, chemical elements dictionary and music dictionary.


-A complete explanation of the English Grammar, tests on the English grammar and the congregations of English verbs.

-A complete explanation of the French Grammar, tests on the French grammar and the congregations of the French verbs. It has also a test consists of 1800 serial and random questions on the English Grammar, together with a complete explanation for the common grammar mistakes and the usage of prepositions.


Test your amount of knowledge about, inventions, inventors, precious stones, net information, universe, earth, phobias and the main languages used in the world.


First - aid kit, first aid diseases nutrition & food, calories and human anatomy.


Western etiquette and tests on the western etiquette.


Telephone, memo, schedule, anniversaries, class schedule, calendar, personal information, PC link and the memory of the device.


Simple calculator, scientific calculator, statistic calculator, formulas calculations, solving equations, solving dual equations, currency exchange, unit's conversions and size equivalent.


24 points and landmines.


Clock, alarm, world time, travel guide, stopwatch, prayer times, 20 polyphonic tones and system

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