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DE 20000

The sole electronic dictionary that has an unexampled specifications with a color touch screen, displayed on TV screen.

Dictionaries: Talking dictionaries for English-Arabic vocabulary and sentences (Atlas Encyclopedic Dictionary), Arabic-English Dictionary, English-English Dictionary, English-French Dictionary, French-English Dictionary, French-Arabic Dictionary, Arabic-French Dictionary, English-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-English Dictionary (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary), Multi-lingual Dictionary (English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Malaysian, Korean, Thai), Photo Dictionary, Illustrated Dictionary, Specialized Dictionaries (25 specialized dictionaries); Medical, Geometry, Electricity, Administration, Bank, Computer, Communications, Library, Law, Political, Diplomacy, Science, Chemistry, Animal, Fish, Geography, Environment, Agriculture, Arts, Sports, Travel, Jewelry, Cookery, Historical, Shipping, Personal Dictionary, Arabic-Arabic Dictionary.

Language:Dialog E-F-A-C (English, French, Arabic and Chinese), Basic English Words, English Alphabets and Sounds, English Phonetics, English Simple Sentence, English Simple Questions, English Synonyms, English Antonyms, English Proverbs, English Irregular Comparisons, English Confusables, English Conjugations, English Phrasal Verbs, English Abbreviations, English Reading and Writing, English Literature, French Conjugations, French Antonyms, French Synonyms, French Proverbs, French Examples, French Quotations, French Letters, French Vocabulary, French Abbreviations, French Linguistic Varieties, French Literature, French Reading and Writing, Multi-lingual conversation (English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Malaysian, Korean, Thai).

Learning:English Language Basics, Vocabulary on Letters, Writing Notes, Writing Letters, Writing Essays, Writing Research Papers, Punctuation Marks, Reading Notes, Listening Comprehension, >Sync-Memorize Vocabulary, E-C Full Sentence Translation Affixations, Situations, Learn English Pronunciation, Useful Phrases.

Grammar: Full explanation of English Grammar, Arabic Grammar, French Grammar, Tests for English, Arabic, and French Grammar, English, Arabic, and French Say and Don’t Say.

Quizzes: English vocabulary, English Irregular Verbs, English Irregular Nouns, English Correct Spaces, English Scramble, English Word Memorization, English Translation Sentences, English Sentences Order, English Listening Comprehension, English Reading Comprehension, English Idioms, English Grammar Worksheet, English Pronunciation, SAT Test, French Conjugations, DELF Test, TOEFL, French Antonyms, French Synonyms, French Scramble, French Abbreviations, French Sentences Order.

Encyclopedia: Test Your General Knowledge, Precious Stones, Inventions and Inventors, Internet, Universe, Earth, Musical Terms, Arabic Names, Phobias, Chemical Elements, Roman Numerals, World's Main Languages, Facts, Animals' Cries, Football World Cup, Olympics, First Aid for Accidents, First Aid for Diseases, Nutrition and Food, Calories, Human Anatomy, Etiquette Test, Western Etiquette, The Seven Wonders of The World, Celebrities, Geography, Mechanism, Noble Prizes, Food and Beverage.

Multimedia: MP3 Player, Movie Player, Digital Voice Recorder, Album, E-Book, Game Zone, Flash Player, Paint Brush

Calculators:Basic Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Units Conversion, Currency Exchange.

Organizer: Telephone, Agenda, Schedule, Anniversaries, Class Schedule, Calendar, Personal Information, Stopwatch, Prayers' Times, Travel Guide.

System: Date & Time setup, Daily Alarm setup, tones setup, Device setup, USB Link, Lithium rechargeable battery, Device upgrade.

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English-Arabic Dictionary English-Arabic Dictionary
Arabic-English Dictionary Arabic-English Dictionary
English-English Dictionary English-English Dictionary (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
Personal Dictionary Personal Dictionary
Vocabulary Dictionary Vocabulary Dictionary
English Abbreviations Dictionary English Abbreviations Dictionary
Proverbs Dictionary Proverbs Dictionary
English Idioms Dictionary English Idioms Dictionary
English Phrasal Verbs Dictionary English Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
Roman Numbers Dictionary Roman Numbers Dictionary
Precious Stones Precious Stones
Internet Internet
Worlds Main Languages Worlds Main Languages
Health Health
Accidents Aids Accidents Aids
Diseases Aids Diseases Aids
Food And Nutrition Food And Nutrition
Calories Calories
Human Anatomy Human Anatomy
Musical Terms Musical Terms
Etiquette Etiquette
Western Etiquette Western Etiquette
Etiquette Test Etiquette Test
Arabic Names Arabic Names
Chemical Elements Chemical Elements
Organizer Organizer
Telephone Index Telephone Index
Agenda Agenda
Schedule Schedule
Anniversaries Anniversaries
Class Schedule Class Schedule
Calendar Calendar
Personal Information Personal Information
Calculators Calculators
Simple Calculator Simple Calculator
Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator
Currency Exchange Currency Exchange
Units Conversion Units Conversion
Games Games
Number 24 Number 24
Landmines Landmines
Date & Time Setup Date & Time Setup
Daily Alarm Daily Alarm
Travel Guide Travel Guide
Stopwatch Stopwatch
Prayers Times Prayers Times
Prayers Alarm Prayers Alarm With A Real Azan Voice
Tones Real-life Tones
Device Setup Device Setup
Memory 1G
PC Link PC Link
Voice Recording Unlimited Voice Recording
Ability to Add New Programs Ability to Add New Programs
Specialized Dictionaries English-Arabic Specialized Dictionaries English-Arabic
Medical Dictionary Medical Dictionary
Engineering Dictionary Engineering Dictionary
Electric Power Dictionary Electric Power Dictionary
Commercial Dictionary Commercial Dictionary
Administration Dictionary Administration Dictionary
Bank Dictionary Bank Dictionary
Computer Dictionary Computer Dictionary
Communications Dictionary Communications Dictionary
Diplomacy Dictionary Diplomacy Dictionary
Science Dictionary Science Dictionary
Chemistry Dictionary Chemistry Dictionary
Animals Dictionary Animals Dictionary
Library Dictionary Library Dictionary
Geography Dictionary Geography Dictionary
Environmental Dictionary Environmental Dictionary
Agriculture Dictionary Agriculture Dictionary
Arts Dictionary Arts Dictionary
Sports Dictionary Sports Dictionary
Travel Dictionary Travel Dictionary
Jewelry Dictionary Jewelry Dictionary
Law Dictionary Law Dictionary
Political Dictionary Political Dictionary
English-French Dictionary English-French Dictionary
Arabic-French Dictionary Arabic-French Dictionary
French-Arabic Dictionary French-Arabic Dictionary
French-English Dictionary French-English Dictionary
Arabic Grammar Arabic Grammar
Tests your Arabic Grammar Tests your Arabic Grammar
Common Mistakes in Arabic Grammar Common Mistakes in Arabic Grammar
French Grammar French Grammar
Tests Your French Grammar Tests Your French Grammar
Quizzes Quizzes
English Vocabulary Test English Vocabulary Test
English Listening Comprehension English Listening Comprehension
English Translation Sentences Quiz English Translation Sentences Quiz
Remember The English Word Remember The English Word
English Scramble Word English Scramble Word
English Irregular Verbs English Irregular Verbs
English Irregular Plural English Irregular Plural
English Sentence Order English Sentence Order
English Reading Comprehension English Reading Comprehension
Learn The English Language Learn The English Language
Facts Facts
Animals Cries Animals Cries
Football World Cup Football World Cup
Olympic Games Olympic Games
MP3 Player MP3 Player
Download The E-Book Download The E-Book
Basic English Words Basic English Words
English Alphabets And Sounds English Alphabets And Sounds
English Simple Sentences English Simple Sentences
English Simple Questions English Simple Questions
English Synonyms English Synonyms
English Antonyms English Antonyms
English Examples English Examples
English Irregular Comparisons English Irregular Comparisons
English Confusables English Confusables
Vocabulary on Letters Vocabulary on Letters
Writing Notes Writing Notes
Writing Letters Writing Letters
Writing Essay Writing Essay
Writing Research Papers Writing Research Papers
Reading Notes Reading Notes
French Abbreviations Test French Abbreviations Test
French conjugations French conjugations
English Conjugations English Conjugations
Affixations Affixations
Album Album
Arabic-Arabic Dictionary Arabic-Arabic Dictionary
Multi-lingual Dictionary Multi-lingual Dictionary
Arabic Dictionary Arabic Dictionary
English Dictionary English Dictionary
French Dictionary French Dictionary
German Dictionary German Dictionary
Italian Dictionary Italian Dictionary
Japanese Dictionary Japanese Dictionary
Spanish Dictionary Spanish Dictionary
Chinese Dictionary Chinese Dictionary
Multi-lingual Conversation Multi-lingual Conversation
Arabic Conversation Arabic Conversation
English Conversation English Conversation
French Conversation French Conversation
German Conversation German Conversation
Italian Conversation Italian Conversation
Japanese Conversation Japanese Conversation
Malaysian Conversation Malaysian Conversation
Spanish Conversation Spanish Conversation
Russian Dictionary Russian Dictionary
Thai Conversation Thai Conversation
Chinese Conversation Chinese Conversation
Celebrities Celebrities
Chinese-English Dictionary Chinese-English Dictionary
English-Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese Dictionary (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
English-Chinese Translation English-Chinese Full Sentence Translation
Common French Mistakes Common French Mistakes
French Antonyms French Antonyms
French Synonyms French Synonyms
French Encyclopedia French Encyclopedia
French Examples French Examples
French Letters French Letters
French Linguistic Varieties French Linguistic Varieties
French Literature French Literature
French Quotations French Quotations
French Reading And Writings French Reading And Writings
French Scramble French Scramble
Remember The French Word Remember The French Word
English Correct Spaces English Correct Spaces
English Literature English Literature
English Phonetics English Phonetics
Flash Player Flash Player
Food & Beverage Food & Beverage
Historical Dictionary Historical Dictionary
Illustrated Dictionary Illustrated Dictionary
Photo Dictionary Photo Dictionary
Learn English Pronunciation Learn English Pronunciation
Mechanism Dictionary Mechanism Dictionary
Movie Player Movie Player
Multimedia Multimedia
Nobel Prize Nobel Prize
Paint Brush Paint Brush
Phrasal Verbs Test Phrasal Verbs Test
Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
SAT Test SAT Test
Screen Setup Screen Setup
The Art of Translation The Art of Translation
Tones Setup Tones Setup
Touch Screen Touch Screen
Useful Sentences Useful Sentences
Memory Cards Addition Capability Memory Cards Addition Capability
Possibility of Connection to TV Possibility of Connection to TV
Color Screen Color Screen
Talking Dictionary Talking Dictionary of Vocabulary And Sentences
English Grammar English Grammar
Test Your English Grammar Test Your English Grammar (1800 questions)
Common English Mistakes Common English Mistakes
English Punctuation Marks English Punctuation Marks
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Test Your General Knowledge Test Your General Knowledge
The Earth The Earth
The Universe The Universe
Inventions And Inventors Inventions And Inventors
Phobias Phobias
fish Dictionary fish Dictionary
Cooking Dictionary Cooking Dictionary
Dialogue Dictionary Dialogue Dictionary
Korean Dictionary Korean Dictionary
Russian Conversation Russian Conversation
Korean Conversation Korean Conversation
Intellectual Property Dictionary Intellectual Property Dictionary
Military Dictionary Military Dictionary
Shipment Dictionary Shipment Dictionary
French Punctuation
Statistics Calculato
Formulae Calculator
Equations Solving
Dual Equations Solving
Multi-Lines Calculator
Savings Management
Equivalent Sizes
World Time
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