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Atlas Dictionary of English Idioms

Atlas Dictionary of English Idioms is unlike other printed dictionaries which give the literal sense of a word. In this dictionary, we have principally adopted a way in which you can find the proper meaning of the idiom that didn't give the literal translation for the words, but we give a proper translation for the meaning of each idiom. In this dictionary, you can find idioms with meanings related to literature, humor and slang necessary for both translators and students of English.

Atlas Dictionary of English Idiomsmainly can help students and translators know the meanings of English Idioms and the ways and the situations to use these English Idioms by providing sentences chosen carefully to show how the Idioms can be used.

In Atlas Dictionary of English Idioms, we have adopted the clearest and simplest way for the user. The principle words are in alphabetical order in red color followed by the idiom in black color where we use the principle word. Then, you will find a sentence showing how you can use this idiom.

Finally, we give you a hint about the idioms you should know whether classic or slang and the occasions to use them as well as wrong usages in certain circumstances.

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